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Marayur is a town in Idukki district of Kerala, India. It is located 42 kilometers north of Munnar on SH 17 connecting Munnar with Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu. Marayur is the only place in Kerala that has natural sandalwood forests. A reduced rainfall is most suited for the sandalwood factory run by Marayur-Kerala-India the Forest Department is of tourist interest. Although compared to the neighboring states like Tamilnadu and Karnataka, Kerala has fewer acres of sandalwood forests, the same being confined to Marayur and a few forest areas in Wayanad hills, the state possesses the best types of sandalwood trees owing to a reduced rainfall which favorites abundant growth. The place is especially an excellent trekking spot for adventure seekers. The children’s park spread across a hectare of land under the canopy of a single Banyan tree is of great interest to tourists. Thoovanam Waterfall and Rajiv Gandhi National Park are also nearby.

Marayur claims to be a part of a Stone Age civilization that is as old as 10,000 B.C. It is also home to a later period of large-scale dolmen-building. People migrated from Tamil Nadu to this area when the Madurai king Thirumalainaicker was defeated by Tippu Sultan, in the eighteenth century CE. The migrants created five villages, being Kanthalloor, Keezhanthur, Karayur, Marayur and Kottakudi. These villages were called the “Anju nadu”, literally meaning “five lands”.

The road from Rajamala to Marayoor is flanked by lush green tea estates.When you drive through Marayur there are occasional waterfalls. And then you come across the sandalwood forest. First, the trees appear one by one, and soon these turn into a sea. The air is cool and one comes under the rain shadow area. Marayur houses the ‘muniyaras’ or the stone coffins with underground tunnels, which date back to the Neolithic period. These cave-like structures resting on vertical rocks are present everywhere — they are stone slabs resembling crudely-made boxes. There are paintings depicting the legendary wanderings of ‘Rama and Sita’ and the ‘Pandavas’ inside the caves. Marayoor is inhabited by a group of tribals who are primarily engaged in agriculture. The temperature in summer goes up to 30 degree Celsius while the winter temperature can come down to as low as 8 degree Celsius.

Mountain Trail Resort is built with a unique ethnic design that blends beautifully with the scenic surrounding of Munnar. The resort is nestled against the milieu of Western Ghats, offers a magnificent view of Sahya Mountain Ranges and the meritorious view of the misty valleys. It offers a memorable stay with unmatched hospitality. It is an ideal place for honeymoon couples because of its excellent location.

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